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Sep 07 2017
Hillary Clinton Covers TIME: WE CAN'T GIVE UP TRYING Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.28.53 AMTime Magazine is writing about “Firsts, Women Who Are Changing the World” and gives its cover over to Hillary Clinton, who — as you may have heard — was the first woman to win the endorsement of a major party for president.

Many are wishing she would shut up and go away because she is divisive. But she is still an icon and still popular among her fans, and clearly — based on Trump's continued reference to her (and her voting bloc) — still relevant.

Keep reading to see Time's new video on Hillary, who stubbornly says “the fight was worth it”:

DJH-qvvW4AAtM31.jpg-large(Image via Time)

In the piece for Time, Hillary says:

I don’t want anyone to be discouraged by my defeat or say that they shouldn’t try or support others who will try. We can’t give up trying. This past election was unprecedented in so many ways. In my upcoming book I try to sort out what I could have done differently, what my campaign could have done differently. But you also have to recognize that you had the unprecedented intervention by an FBI director. You had a foreign adversary successfully influence the election. You had voter suppression aimed primarily at African Americans and young voters. And you had sexism, which was front and center. We have to prevent those things from ever happening again. And some of those are long-term challenges.

I’m going to spend time during my book tour, and for many years to come, talking about what we need to learn about what was done to us in this election. Every day that goes by, we seem to learn more about the interference and the profound impact of that on the outcome. And that should terrify every American. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democratic or what your independent leanings might be, what party you might belong to, we cannot tolerate being manipulated by a foreign power, especially one that is so bent on destabilizing democracy as Russia and its current leadership is.

I also want my presidential campaign to have helped pave the way for young women who come behind me. 

Sounds like she isn't looking to run again, counter to alarmist articles online. I guess even having a voice will bother the haters.