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Sep 30 2017
Kate McKinnon Buries Her Face In Ryan Gosling's Butt Comments (0)

Kate-McKinnon-Ryan-Gosling-SNL(Video still via NBC)

Kate McKinnon shoved her face in Ryan Gosling's butt as part of an SNL sketch tonight. Just for that, I'm eating out Tatiana Maslany, Kate — take that!

Keep reading to watch (and hand Cecily Strong an Emmy for professionalism) ...

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Monty Hall Of LET'S MAKE A DEAL Dies @ 96 Comments (0)

Mh-1975(Image via CBS)

Sad to hear Monty Hall has passed away — 96, not a bad run! Check out the show's pilot and his appearance on The Odd Couple (1973) here.

Trump Lashes Out At San Juan Mayor, She Responds, Lin-Manuel Miranda: YOU'RE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL Comments (0)

DK_RpzzUEAEZJYTSaying she's “just a little mayor from the capital city of San Juan,” Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has responded to Donald Trump's abhorrent trashing of her and of her agenda in seeking help for her homeland.

Her plea for help was proper and anything but nasty, and her response to Trump today is also classy and laser-focused on getting help ...

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Trans Girl's Brutal Murder Wasn't Penis Panic + Ross Lynch In His Undies + WILL & GRACE Reviews + Auction For AIDS + COLORBLIND Revelation + Olivia de Havilland's FEUD Rages On — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 8.47.27 PMA 17-year-old trans girl living in Mississippi was chased down and murdered by her 27-year-old boyfriend — but why?

Mercedes Williamson is yet another trans person to face a grim end, including mutilation.

A full report on this shocking crime, plus other hot links of the day — an amazing auction for AIDS, the return of Will & Grace and more ...

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Sep 29 2017
Your Nightly Briefing: Modus Vivendi's Dali Line Comments (0)

MV-Dali Line-Lifestyle Photos-With Logo (15)(Image via Modus Vivendi)

For a peek at Modus Vivendi's red-hot Dali line, keep reading ...

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Price Resigns Over Outrageous Use Of Private Jets On Your Dime Comments (0)

104434850-6ED2-SB-PriceFULL-042817.1910x1000HHS Secretuary Tom Price is the latest Trump hire to not work out — he has resigned a week after his obvious abuse of chartered and military flights came to light.

Price's joy rides are thought to have cost U.S. taxpayers about a million dollars ...

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Lt. Gen Silveria Reads Cadets The Riot Act On Racism: IF YOU CAN'T TREAT SOMEONE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT, THEN GET OUT! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 1.51.24 PMIn response to some racial slurs on his base, Lt. Gen. Silveria gave a powerful speech about the power of diversity that is lighting up YouTube.

I have a troll who continually mocks me that diversity is effeminate. This guy could kick that troll's ass, yet he is high on diversity and outraged by horrible ideas.

Don't miss it ...

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Riot Bear-ing It All: Men's Style Platform Turns 1 Comments (0)

Yes(Images via Riot Bear)

Happy first anniversary (today!) to Riot Bear, a men's style platform that encourages a body-positive approach for queer dudes. Keep reading for more ...

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