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Sep 08 2017
Mexican Quake + Chlamydia: A Love Story + Dorothy Dings DACA (Chelsea Handles It, Too) + Alan Ritchson's Rump Roast + ONJ On Cancer Battle + Gay Hollywood — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.43.49 AMDan Hass wants some of your money to make a darkly funny short called Magic H8 Ball, an LGBTQ project about what happens to a young gay guy when he realizes his boyfriend has cheated on him after he's diagnosed with chlamydia.

The plot involves a magic 8ball that actually has some mysterious power to it.

There's no question you'll want to keep reading for news on this film, DACA (with a Golden Girls twist), red-hot Alan Ritchson booty and Michael Michaud's amazing series of gay Hollywood remembrances ...

Kickstarter: “Why is it that without this person I'm just this tiny little ball of insecurity and hurt and hate, and how do I make it go away, because it's not like chlamydia — there's no pill for this.”

NYT: Mexico suffers its strongest earthquake in a century, a monster 8.1 that has killed dozens (so far). Reports seem to indicate that in spite of the quake eclipsing the big shaker from 1985, structural damage in Mexico City is far less severe. Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes — the, um, world is ending, folks, and don't tell me climate change is a non-factor.

21314602_10213972992783872_7347815795134078306_n(Meme via NBC)

YouTube @ Chelsea: Chelsea Handler teases out the most cruel aspect of Trump's DACA gamesmanship — the fact that Dreamers are almost all hard-working, gainfully employed, never committed any crimes and have never known another country: 

OMG Blog (Work Unfriendly): Alan Ritchson, mercilessly hot, bares his booty.

Alan-RitchsonTurn around! Turn around! (Image via Alan Ritchson)

Kenneth in the (212): Olivia Newton-John, who was diagnosed with a cancer relapse, sat down with 60 Minutes in Australia to talk about her well-being. One thing she touched on was her use of medicinal marijuana. She said, “I use medicinal cannabis, which is really important for pain and healing. It's a plant that has been maligned for so long, and has so many abilities to heal.”

Facebook: Don't miss Michael Michaud's multiple-times-a-day posts about gay Hollywood:

21366608_10155767628879106_7550801364069248438_oPaul Keenan, a gay actor who hdied of AIDS (Image via Marguerite Wheeler)