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Sep 03 2017
James & The Giant KKK-owards + Trump Wants To Bomb North Korea So Bad + Offering To Bugger An Anti-Gay Preacher + RIP Steely Dan Music Great + Shirtless Hotties + Madonna Leaves The U.S. — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Gay-man-says-he-gets-letters-from-kkk-x750James Schneider, a gay, Jewish man running for City Countil in Cape Coral, Florida, says the KKK has threatened his life in a hateful message left at his home a week ago.

The note says, “We know where you live, faggot,” which is the kind of veiled threat cowardly stalkers use in order to avoid out-and-out stating their intentions.

Police have not yet classified it as a hate crime. Welcome to Florida. Keep reading for this and more hot links of the day, including: Will Trump bomb North Korea? and Madonna's move out of the country ...

Gay-man-says-he-gets-letters-from-kkk-x750-1The KKK cain't spayull s'mores. (Images via video stills)

The Advocate: James Schneider shared the threatening note he received from the Klan.

Huff Post: Trump suggests stopping all U.S. trade with China, casually replies to query about bombing North Korea with, “We'll see.” Worth noting: If the U.S were to stop all trade with China, which does trade with North Korea, it would have an interesting effect on Trump's China-driven businesses. Also worth noting: If Trump bombs North Korea, that might be the rah-rah he needs to retain his power.

Joe.My.God.: Gay blogger Joe Jervis happened upon New Orleans' own anti-gay preacher Ruben Israel. He offered to nail him, and not to a cross. It ... wasn't appreciated.

ExtraTV: Steely Dan's Walter Becker is dead @ 67. Becker was with the group throughout its existence, through nine studio albums, and earned an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The group's Two Against Nature (2000) won the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Scruffy-sunday-9-3-17Click BosGuy below for a fuller peek. (Image via BosGuy)

BosGuy: He looks better shirtless than just about anybody. (This guy ain't half bad, either! Follows and likes here, please.)

Instagram @madonna: Madonna has moved to Portugal for her son's soccer career, is working on directing the movie Loved and making new music. The movie is an adaptation of the novel The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells by Sean Andrew Greer, called “achingly lovely” by Amazon. Booklist noted, “Philosophically intriguing as well as gorgeously imagined and executed.” It's a time-travel novel set in 1985, 1941 and 1918, focusing on a woman recovering from the loss of her twin brother to AIDS, whose electroshock therapy sends her through past lives.