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Sep 12 2017
Pushing The Boundaries With All-Nude ALMODÓVAR DYSTOPIA Comments (0)

I30A2653Dixon Place in NYC is the site of the new dance commission Almodóvar Dystopia, a world-premiere project by Antonio Ramos and the Gangbangers.

The show, which is inspired by the Spanish auteur name-checked in the title, is described as an “asstravaganza,” so you know I'm going ...

I30A3110noP(Image via Dixon Place)

From a press release:

ALMODOVAR DYSTOPIA by Antonio Ramos and his spunky company The Gangbangers is part Latinx-flavored “asstravaganza,” part humorous celebration of queer culture, and part an outrageous political statement against the body-negative and repressed nature of the world we live in. Featuring video, movement, spoken word and gourmet cooking, the piece makes its case for the affirmation of all things corporeal through Ramos’ trademark chaotic and joyful storytelling style.  The work is performed in the nude.

Using his personal Queer-Puerto-Rican-Cha-Cha-Heels-Shaman identity as a point of departure, Ramos and his collaborators explore themes related to gender diversity and representation. The performers cull exaggerated personae from their personal backgrounds, exploring the challenges, anxieties, and neuroses entailed in the process of dance-making. Ramos creates a melodramatic world evocative of Pedro Almodóvar’s most outrageous characters, on a collision course of glamour and decadence.

Check out uncensored pics here. (Work Unfriendly) Get your tickets here.