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Sep 29 2017
Riot Bear-ing It All: Men's Style Platform Turns 1 Comments (0)

Yes(Images via Riot Bear)

Happy first anniversary (today!) to Riot Bear, a men's style platform that encourages a body-positive approach for queer dudes. Keep reading for more ...

Riot Bear turns 1, and its founder James Anthony thinks he knows why it is catching on:

Riot Bear is first and foremost about fashion and style. Body pride has come a long way in the fashion industry from novelty to full blown movement. At Riot Bear, it’s the way we’ve always seen the world. For us, real male body types are not a trend, they are our preference and we create content to prove it.

I'm still of the you-can-never-be-too-rich-or-too-thin dinosaur age, but reminders that you'll never be rich OR thin are very helpful. Great site, lots of eye candy and lots of stylish studs.



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