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Sep 08 2017
Scotty Bowers: The Movie — Hollywood's Golden Age Pimp On Film Comments (0)

Scotty-bowers-setoodeh-tease_tuvibdVanity Fair still isn't quite convinced that Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were lovers. Get over it — they were.

But even if the magazine wants to err on the side of journalistic certainty, why are they referring to them as “alleged” lovers? It's not a crime. How about “reported”? The writer then claims Grant's daughter has disputed whether Grant and Scott were lovers (a daughter born decades after their affair), and yet links to a story in which the daughter doesn't even mention Scott by name. Who's a journalist now?

Anyway, Yohanda Desta's piece on Scotty Bowers, author of 2012's tell-all Full Service (full review here),  is likely to arouse your interest, considering he is the 90-plus-year-old who claims to have supplied Katharine Hepburn with girls and every gay-ish actor then-alive with boys ...

29SCOTTY-jumboScotty Bowers in his pimpin' days (Image via Scotty Bowers)

In the piece, the focus is on director Matt Tyrnauer's new documentary about Bowers and his wild stories of A-list debauchery — Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood.

The director ably sums up why his film, which you already know will be titillating, is also political:

“I think the film is a political film,” [Tyrnauer] adds. “It’s something that corrects a persistent myth.”

Those myths include the idea of Grant as a beacon of heterosexuality, and Tracy and Hepburn as icons of enduring romance. (The couple never publicly affirmed rumors that their relationship was a sham, so it’s Bowers’s words against theirs.) “The hypocrisy of Hollywood is significant,” Tyrnauer says. “Think of how many gay young men in that period might have said to themselves, ‘If only I could be as beautiful as Cary Grant and if only I could be as straight as Cary Grant, wouldn’t my life be better?’”

The film is bowing at TIFF Saturday, with Bowers, 94, in attendance. Let's hope it becomes widely available ASAP.

Check out my videos of Scotty's booksigning from five years ago: