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Sep 22 2017
STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's Anthony Rapp & Wilson Cruz Rap About Gay Storyline Comments (0)

Rapp_cruzIf you're surprised that adorable Rent star Anthony Rapp and equally adorable My So-Called Life star Wilson Cruz — both talents, both out, both busy with other great things since their most impactful roles — are turning up as major parts of Star Trek: Discovery, so is Rapp.

In a new interview with CBS, both men dish on their characters' romance, a gay first in the entire Star Trek franchise ...

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 12.44.04 PM(Image via CBS)

Via CBS News: Anthony Rapp still sounds nonplussed when asked about his arrival as a part of Star Trek, saying:

I never thought I'd be a part of any of this.

Cruz disagrees, noting:

I've always been enamored with the series. I did see myself as a part of this. I wanted to be a part of Broadway and I wanted to be a part of Star Trek.

The biggest deal is that the two characters are gay and in love, something Trekkers have been waiting to see for many years. Rapp says:

It's the first time two human beings were born themselves and in love with each other as the same gender. Even that he's Latino and I'm white. We are also colleagues. It's part of the fabric of it.

Watch more of their conversation on CBS All Access.