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Sep 22 2017
Stripped To The Waist: 29 Famous Men Take It Off Comments (0)

HqdefaultHave you ever sat through a movie just because you knew an actor in it was gonna get shirtless?

These days, you don't really have to — the images will always hit the Internet.

One of my favorite kinds of shirtless scenes is the kind where the actor is actually shown removing his shirt. So keep reading for over a dozen GIFs of famous faces in the act of revealing their famous pecs and abs ...

MaxresdefaultNick Jonas is on the list ... (Image via Paramount)

What follows is a collection of GIFs showing famous actors and performers stripping (or being stripped) to the waist, because we're going to die soon anyway so we might as well die happy:

Giphy-25Joe Manganiello

200Matthew Morrison

Giphy-1Jeremy Renner

Giphy-2The Gronk

Giphy-3Nick Jonas

Giphy-4Salman Khan

Giphy-6Zac Efron

Giphy-7Rob Lowe

Giphy-8Matt Bomer

Giphy-10Tyson Beckford

Giphy-11Clark Gable

Giphy-9Steve Weatherford

Giphy-12Brad Pitt

Sebastian stanSebastian Stan

Rafael solano Rafael Solano


GiphyBradley Cooper (2!)


Giphy-19Jensen Ackles

Giphy-18Austin Mahone

Giphy-17Ryan Gosling

Giphy-16Taylor Lautner

Giphy-15Ryan Reynolds

Giphy-14Chris Evans

Giphy-13Jake T. Austin

Giphy-5Joel McHale

Giphy-21Derek Hough

Giphy-22Wade Wilson

Giphy-23Hart Bochner

Giphy-24Ryan Phillippe

Thanks for playing. I hope you thought this post was ...