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Sep 19 2017
With This Ring: Options For Same-Sex Couples Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.15.17 PMSome in the LGBTQ community feel marriage is too traditional an aspect of culture for queer people— but even if you're gonna be traditional and get hitched, there's no reason you have to do it all by the book.

That's where Manly Bands comes in.

Keep reading for info on this company, which offers wedding rings with a twist ...

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The beauty of Manly Bands rings is — along with the beauty! — the flexibility of styles. They carry a full range of rings for every taste, and they have sizes from 5 to 17, with those larger sizes a big help if you and/or your husband is a big dude. 

The rings are quite unique. I was sent a pair that arrived in a wooden box with crossed axes on the lid — how very lumbersexual!

Give them a shot if you're about to go down on one knee instead of just two: