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Oct 09 2017
ESCAPING FREEDOM — Can Your Idea Of Freedom Enslave You? Comments (0)


More info on Escaping Freedom, the gay-themed film actor/producer Patrick Green is crowdsourcing is here, as are fresh images ...

Marcus&Vincent EscapingFreedomThis will mark Patrick's first-ever gay role (Image via Seed&Spark)

In short, the film's premise from its Seed&Spark page:

Escaping Freedom follows two estranged siblings, Vincent and Krystal, who must reconnect after Krystal shows up drunk at Vincent's church late one evening. The subsequent explosion caused by their conflicting approaches to life forces the other to question how they find their freedom. Inspired in part by writer-director Edd Blott’s real life wrestlings with religious doubt and sexual identity, each and every character in this film addresses the theme in their own way feeding a project of awareness, acceptance, and love.

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Another still from the project is here.

Watch the Seed&Spark trailer: