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Oct 24 2017
Wilson Cruz: #HimToo + Mark Wahlberg Repents For BOOGIE NIGHTS + Kathy Griffin Torches Lisa Bloom, AC + Tommy Haas's Hot Aas + Taylor Swift's Nude Bodysuit + Corker Prods Trump Again — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Img_2785Wilson Cruz has opened up about being a gay kid in showbiz and receiving offers for career help that struck him as sexual. He worried about saying no, and about saying yes. He ultimately said no. #HimToo.

Keep reading for more on that, plus other hot links of the day — Taylor Swift, Corker continuing to slam Trump, tennis booty and more ...

OMG Blog: Wilson Cruz on sexual harassment in Hollywood: I was trying to maneuver my way through Hollywood as an openly gay actor and there weren’t many examples for me at the time. I was juggling a lot of worries.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.16.42 AMMark, you would have no career without this movie. (Image via New Line)

Joe.My.God.: Incredibly, right-wing Catholic Mark Wahlberg is most regretful of having starred in Boogie Nights (1997), an absolutely fantastic film he now thinks would anger God. How about your past as a racist assailant?! Or back on topic, how about Entourage or all the foul-mouthed and empty, artless movies he's done that are far worse than Boogie Nights? Jesus, I hate this guy. Makes perfect sense he's in a movie with Mel Gibson.

DListed: Man, Kathy Griffin was not happy with Lisa Bloom's services! (Also, she now agrees with “her gays” that Anderson Cooper a “spinless heiress.”)

Kenneth in the (212): Tommy Haas's ass in tennis whites is obscene.

YouTube: Taylor Swift is teasing her Ready for It music video, which looks like a sci-fi feature:

Huff Post: Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) continues attacking Trump, now saying his Administration is leading to the debasement of our nation.