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Oct 10 2017
Roxette Thinks They Got The Look + The Marsha P. Johnson War Of Words + Posthumous Porn Memoir + Go-Go Heaven + Flag-Bashing Firefighter + Trans Prom King — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Jakub&Dawid-1208A gay couple celebrating their honeymoon were asked to do a special video for legendary band Roxette, set to their “Good Karma.”

It will turn you gay if you aren't already.

Keep reading for that, the controversy over the Marsha P. Johnson movies, a seriously sexy go-go blog, a cute but troubled firefighter and more of the day's hottest links ...

Norway'04 (Lofoty)All endings are new beginnings ... (Image via Jakub & David)

Jakub & David: These Polish partners have some experience in the Roxette department, but say this new video was different. They had to travel to Portugal to wed, then honeymooned in Scandinavia, where they made their officially sanctioned vid. David says: It was totally different than recording our first video. This time, we got an official permission from Roxette for our recordings so our hands were a bit shaky because we knew that such a legendary band were going to watch it. As we get older, it's always good to retain our ability to geek out and be fans.

Kenneth in the (212): With The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson streaming on Netflix, controversy has arisen over whether filmmaker David Vance stole the concept and materials from Reina Gossett, whose Happy Birthday, Marsha treatment she alleges he had access to while visiting the Kalamazoo/Arcus Foundation. She references his work as theft and violence, he claps back that he respects her, wants her work to find a home and did all his own original research. As Peter Staley notes, we all too often eat our own. I'll check out The Death and Life soon.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.21.33 AMMarsha P. Johnson (Image via The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson)

Chelsea Station Editions: Coming November 9 is A Pornographer, a unique-sounding memoir by Arch Brown, a playwright and filmmaker who died at 76 in 2012. The manuscript, found in his belongings after his death, is about his career as a porn director from 1967-1985, and includes interviews with people aspiring to be in porn. From the publisher's description: Here, he is all at once receptionist, gopher, casting agent, writer, director, stagehand, cameraman, talent scout, friend, and on-the-spot psychiatrist. You don’t need to have viewed any of Arch Brown’s sex films from this era to appreciate this memoir. In fact, Brown goes out of his way to not mention the titles of any of his films and he only identifies his cast of characters by fictional first names. The result is that A Pornographer is an historical gem, an unexpectedly insightful psychological view of the performers who were drawn to having sex in front of a camera and how and why audiences responded to them. Sounds amazing.

Unnamed-1(Image via Chelsea Station Editions)

Nights in Weho (Work Unfriendly): Check out this guy's shots of the L.A. go-go scene, featuring porn stars getting frisky in public, massive packages and also just down time with the talent. Great stuff.

Tumblr_oxlko0pnxM1rsa6r1o1_1280(Image via Nights in Weho)

Crime Watch Daily: Firefighter Michael James Wagemann is accused of randomly tearing down two U.S. flags in Texas. Not sure why he did it, but he sure is a cute anti-patriot. (WTF is up with the sudden resurgence of the sanctity of the flag? Trump's tweeting and talking about it so much, it's almost like when we went into the Gulf War and — oh.

FinalfirefighterWagemann (Images via NBC & Facebook)

Huff Post: Stiles Zuschlag was kicked out of a Christian school for being trans. At his new school, he was voted Homecoming King. #blessed