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Nov 01 2017
Is Billy From STRANGER THINGS Gay? + Still More Spacey Tidbits + Kilt Beefcake + Trump Nominee Flips + What To Expect From Mueller + Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has A JFK Moment — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

$(GIF via Netflix)

Are you in love with Dacre Montgomery on Stranger Things? I mean, minus his character's psychosis. He's been asked whether he thinks his character is racist and/or gay, so keep reading for his answer, plus more hot links of the day: the Trump nominee who has turned on him, shirtless men in kilts and proof that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is utterly stupid ...


Forbes: Dacre Montgomery oddly doesn't realize how racist his character Billy is on Stranger Things. Stranger still, the reporter thinks Billy is gay, I guess because he is aggressive toward a pretty boy and shows off his body

LGBTQ Nation: More Kevin Spacey allegations are surfacing — everyone expects more are to come.

BosGuy: If you like shirtless guys in kilts, you'll like these three dudes.

Joe.My.God.: Sam Clovis, Trump nominee, has reportedly flipped on him and is cooperating with Mueller.

Politico: Preet Bharara explores what we know about Mueller's investigation:

“Hard to tell, but the George Papadopoulos guilty plea tells us (a) Mueller is moving fast, (b) the Mueller team keeps secrets well, (c) more charges should be expected and (d) this team takes obstruction and lying very, very seriously,” Bharara says, referring to the former unpaid Trump campaign adviser, whose plea deal rocked Washington on Monday. “That should be of concern to some people.”

Twitter: Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks JFK and President Kennedy were two different people. Just call her Jack Booby.