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Oct 31 2017
Report: Spacey's Father, A Nazi, Raped Spacey's Older Brother Comments (0)

90I don't think this story is intended to generate sympathy for Kevin Spacey, but it does, even if it shouldn't excuse the behavior of which he's been accused by Anthony Rapp.

Spacey's older brother has granted an interview to the (it should be noted, wildly anti-gay and wildly right-wing in which he claims their father was a sexually abusive Nazi.

That sounds awful ...

Kevin-spacey-zoom-64443e1e-46f8-4eb1-ab81-b757b151f389(Image via Netflix)

First, I'm shocked that I had no idea Kevin Spacey's older brother, Randall Fowler, is a Rod Stewart impersonator. But I'm more shocked by the brother's story of their upbringing, in which their father allegedly raped Fowler throughout his childhood.

Via DailyMail:

Fowler is a Rod Stewart impersonator and limo driver in Boise, Idaho. His life is a world away from that of his famous brother from whom he is estranged.

But, according to Fowler, along with older sister Julie, he and the notoriously secretive star shared a brutal upbringing in a 'house of horrors' dominated by their ultra right wing, perverted sadist of a father.

Thomas Geoffrey Fowler was such an abusive figure that, his oldest son admitted, he avoided having children of his own for fear that they would “inherit the sexual predator gene.”

Fowler recounted that damage and the toll it took on him and his siblings in an interview with The Mail on Sunday shortly after Spacey - who was not then openly gay — was arrested in a park in London in the early hours of the morning in March 2004.

Now, the House of Cards star has admitted that he has loved and had romantic relationships with both men and women and “chooses to live life as a gay man.”

And much like Spacey, the character Frank Underwood on Netflix's hit political show also kept his sexuality hidden away, having trysts with both men and women throughout the series in secret. 

At the time of the interview, Fowler described his brother as an “empty vessel” who had never had a real relationship with anyone other than his mother.

He said: “Neither of us had a chance growing up with two such damaged parents. I went through three marriages and 40 affairs.”

What a miserable life. It doesn't excuse illegal behavior, but it sheds some insight into why Kevin Spacey might have been so privacy-obsessed.