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Oct 14 2017
Ronnie Kroell Calls Out GAY GATE-KEEPERS In Hollywood For Harassment, Duncan Roy Names Bryan Singer, Bruce Weber, Terry Richardson Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.50.51 PMRonnie Kroell, who made his name on Make Me a Supermodel, is speaking out about the powerful gay men in modeling and Hollywood who spend too much time thinking, “I wanna make me a supermodel!”

Kroell first posted on Facebook that sexual harassment doesn't only happen to women, and later granted an interview to NBC4 News on the topic ...

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.50.50 PM(Video still via NBC4 News)

Via NBC4News: Kroell recalls wandering hands during shoots that made him second-guess what he should do:

You almost are made to feel that if you don't do that, you're not gonna be able to get to the next level ... You kinda freeze up. You kind of are like a deer in a headlight and you're like, “Uh, should I remove that hand? Should I allow it to happen because it's just kind of part of the process?”

I think he hits the nail on the head in that probably a lot if not all young actors and models have been in this position, and many have decided it realy was necessary — and have gone along with it. That helps keep it going, and certainly makes it harder for people to speak out.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Duncan Roy (he directed aka in 2002, Method in 2004 and The Picture of Dorian Gray in 2007) filed a long post on his blog in which he called out not just Harvey but his enablers:

But let’s get one thing straight.  Harvey did not act alone.  He had a bunch of conspirators: lawyers, assistants and relatives.  The most powerful players in Hollywood looked after him, turned a blind eye… because he made them billions of dollars.  Studio and Agency bosses who, although they did not do the abusing themselves, aided and abetted his abuse. He could rely on a cabal of powerful white men to get him out of trouble by paying his victims and making them sign crippling nda.

Unless you’ve sat with men like Harvey Weinstein listening to their most troubling secrets it is impossible to explain how they get away with what Harvey got away with.  These problems go to the very heart of the Hollywood star making… and taking away machine.

Roy went on to point out that there are — in his opinion — gay Harvey Weinsteins:

Nobody wants to hear the truth about powerful men.  Everyone wants to shoot the messenger.  Remember when I wrote about Bryan Singer?

Another ‘open secret’: fashion photographer Bruce Weber continues to behave like Harvey Weinstein toward young male models. Taking pictures of them naked for his ‘private collection’ molesting and assaulting and promising big campaigns if they give in to his gentle caress, taking the campaign away if they refused.

So, this is as big a secret as Harvey’s expose. How does it sound? Who wants to shoot the messenger? Every fashion editor in the world turns a blind eye, a deaf ear. When Terry Richardson was exposed they said nothing.  Terry still works…  making money the rest of us can only dream of.

Pretty ballsy post, since any one of those men could come after him legally.

He raises a good point, though, about why a story of abuse becomes a big deal as opposed to a scandal that disappears. Two of the men he mentioned have endured public shaming over alleged sexual abuse, but then went back to their lives and careers. One has not ever had a public incident, just been the subect of rumors. Cosby had been accused of sexual assault and suffered no consequences until a black comic's funny, pointed joke about it went viral, leading to a tipping point after which more than a dozen women complained about his behavior.

I don't have the answer for why some men are able to commit sexual offenses and are on some level forgiven and move on, while others seem to be dunzo. Does youth and attractiveness help? Casey Affleck was so amazing in his Oscar-winning movie and is so cute — does that help him recover from dark tales of sexual harassment in a way a nearly-80-year-old lecher like Bill Cosby can't?