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Oct 09 2017
Stephen Miller, Trump's White Supremacist Advisor, Called Out For Bizarre Past Comments (0)

SteveMiller-960x640Stephen Miller is widely seen as Trump's most obviously white supremacist advisor in the wake of Steve Bannon's ouster.

Now, he's being called out for two incidents in his past, one which speaks to his racism and one which reveals his contempt for women.

Hey, he may be a racist dick, but he's also a misogynist. Sounds like a perfect Trump hire ...

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 2.06.39 PMMiller's high school yearbook entry (Image via yearbook/NYT)

It has been reported that Miller once horned in on a girls' track meet — uninvited, and during the final stretch — in order to prove that men are superior to women. No, seriously.

The White House doesn't deny the incident, which happened during his school days, happened, just that it wasn't his own school's team. Somehow, that makes it better?

Also, a school friend of Miller's reports that Miller deliberately and explicitly ended their friendship due to the friend's Latino heritage.

Earlier, Vice revealed a video of Miller, 17, ranting about his anger over going bald and his excitement over torture. (Inset image via video still.)

Miller, who has denied being associated with white nationalist Richard Spencer while at college, is one of the most powerful figures in Trump Land.