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Oct 11 2017
Erotica, BROMANS + Daddy Issues + Martin Scorsese Throws Tomatoes + Cameron Dallas: National Coming Pout Day + Trump's Values + Fresh RIVERDALE Meat — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

19985603_355356868217283_5202313544263008256_nBromans star Brandon Myers has claimed to possess a third leg.

Now, he's proving it.

Keep reading for a gander at his appendage, plus more of the day's hottest links, including a hilarious short film about the gay generational gap, Martin Scorsese's rant and more ...

70MRbBH8-780x780Brandon is definitely a boy. (Image via ITV2)

OMG Blog (Work Unfriendly): Yeah, so Brandon Myers's manhood is definitely eye-opening, and puts the reality in reality TV.

Kenneth in the (212): Guys on a date try to see if they've got anything in common. Did I mention one is 50 and one is 25? (This usually works out a lot better for me! I find millennials undeserving of the bad rap, but as comedy with flashes of truth, this thing is flawless.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.06.15 PMCraig Chester, as seen in Call Your Father (Image via Jordan Firstman)

DListed: The great Martin Scorsese is not speaking out against Harvey Weinstein so much as he's speaking out against Rotten Tomatoes. And praising one of the most widely hated films of 2017, mother!

Vanity Teen: Cameron Dallas looks like he was told to pout it the fuck up in these sexy new pics by Michael Schwartz.

Cameron-Dallas-x-ICON-El-Pais-Michael-Schwartz-Vanity-Teen-Menswear-Magazine-2-768x951Deep in the heart of Dallas (Image by Michael Schwartz for Vanity Teen)

Washington Blade: Trump is set to become the first POTUS to speak at the anti-LGBTQ Values Voter Summit. Thanks again, 15% of LGBTQ people who voted for this scumbag.

TVLine: Hart Denton has been cast to play Betty's brother, Chic, on Riverdale.

DLeXa1hV4AATss0.jpg-largeAw, Sugar, Sugar ... (Image via head shot)