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Nov 05 2017
'44 The Girls: Which Supporting Actress Deserved That Oscar? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.55.54 PMWho's your mommy?

I devoted 10 hours of my life plus another couple this morning — early — to participate in The Film Experience blog's amazing Smackdown '44, a moderated discussion on the five women nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1945 for their work the previous year.

It lined up perfectly with my new nostalgia-driven site, Gr8erDays.


Please read the esteemed panel's thoughts here (where you can also chime in), and don't miss our spirited podcast here.

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Look, we had a movie with yellowface, the precocious debut of Angela Lansbury, Agnes Moorehead in everything, the great Ethel Barrymore and a tear-jerking Jennifer Jones to discuss, so you know it got interesting!

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