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Nov 15 2017
Versace Nightmare + Disney Star Flasher + Roy Moore's Fake Support + Debunking That Hillary Hoax + Tennis Stud's Bath + Studio 54 Fleshback — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.49.02 AM(Video still via FX)

Bloody, Sexy, Scary Versace Trailer

Disney Star's No Mouse Down There!

Roy Moore's Wife: Accomplice

Shep Smith Goes Rogue

Bathtime for Borna Ćorić

Studio 54 Mini-Mystery

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NewNowNext: The trailer for The Assassination of Gianni Versace looks sexed-up and flashy, so it's on-brand for Versace. But it's also disturbing, with plenty of gore:

OMG Blog: Onetime Disney Channel (from Shake It Up) twink Kenton Duty is now allll grown up. Including below the belt. (Work Unfriendly)

Tumblr_ovwdhmiHr41wqlmyio2_1280-625x780Kenton's doing his Duty to arouse the eyes of the Internet these days (Images via selfie & Disney Channel)

Slate: Incredibly, beleaguered pedo Roy Moore's wife — a classmate of his fifth accuser — has been sharing endorsements from 50+ pastors in order to shore up support for Moore, but has not asked the permission of the pastors:

After published the letter, several of the named pastors said they had not been contacted or asked about the allegations, and at least one asked for his name to be removed from the list.

Salon: Shep Smith goes rogue once again, debunks the Fox News-fave uraniam story about Hillary Clinton.

IMG_1797Missed a spot ... (Image via Borna Ćorić)

Kenneth in the (212): Borna Ćorić's bathtime!

Gr8erDays: From Grace Jones's 30th birthday party — try to name all the people in the pic! Psst: The boy you can't really see on the far left, in red, is Jimmy Baio. Who was 16 at the time.

Unnamed-770x400Pretend it's 1978 ... and you're straight. (Image by Bob Deutsch)