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Nov 08 2017
After Years Of Internet Speculation, Charlie Sheen Revealed As Corey Haim's Alleged Rapist Comments (0)

33c4fa7c1eaf82c9f6de9d86a36b3bb8--corey-haim-charlie-sheenSheen with Haim at the time of the alleged incident (Image via 16 Magazine)

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen categorically denies the allegations.

In a highly sensationalized account, National Enquirer is naming Charlie Sheen as the adult who allegedly raped troubled child star Corey Haim, who spent most of his life in the grip of drugs and regret before dying of pneumonia in 2010.

537a6d538014157696233367252d2eaaSheen & Haim in Lucas (All Lucas images via 20th Century Fox)

In the story, NE quotes Haim's friend, actor Dominick Brascia — who himself has been named as a potential Haim molester by countless Internet avengers (he denies it)— as saying Haim confessed to him that Sheen, then 19, had smoked pot with Haim, then 13 on the set of the film Lucas (1986). Allegedly, Haim consented (but was too young to legally consent) to what Corey Feldman later described in his book (without naming names) as anal sex between trailers on the set.

After the encounter, Sheen allegedly blew Haim off, and was said to have sought sex from others on the set, including minors.

32abcadf068abb466681f8a5de42ac65.jpgSheen in Lucas

According to Brascia, Haim apparently had consensual sex with Sheen for the first and last time when he was in his twenties, but told him it was unsatisfying and said he was over what he saw as some kind of infatuation. 

NE claims it interviewed over 100 people in putting the story together.

The statute of limitations is long expired for any legal action in this matter.

Meanwhile, as disgusting as the story actually is, take note of right-wing National Enquirer's framing of the story — HIV Charlie Sheen? Really? Revolting:

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