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Nov 29 2017
GAY TIMES Relaunches Comments (0)

UnnamedBoy George scores the cover! (All images via Gay Times)

Gay Times, which for years was kinda-sorta more known as GT, is relaunching with a redesign that includes a new approach, look and what appears to be some outstanding content.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.13.15 PMDiving sensation Aidan Faminoff

Keep reading for a peek at the new Gay Times ...

UnnamedAdam Lambert interviews Boy George for the cover

Boy George speaks to a part of his living legacy — Adam Lambert — suggesting a new Culture Club album is on the way:

At the moment, the next thing is the Culture Club record which we sort of half did over the last two years. We are also updating the records and this week we have been writing. It’s been such fun, I have to say we’ve laughed a lot. Bands are like families; you don’t really choose who is in your family and often you do not choose who is in your band. You end up with a group of people that you often have zero in common with and you kind of have to learn over the years to let people be who they are. It’s the trick of life!

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.13.12 PMAidan Faminoff: Role model and sex object

Delicious diver Aidan Faminoff says:

I am young but I would consider myself a role model. I have received a lot of positive feedback on social media about how they relate to my story and that I have inspired them”

SRK_GT8Scott Ramsay-Kyle's ode to '70s porn

Also of note, the works of artists Scott Ramsay Kyle and Seth Bogart:

63780008Bogart in his studio

Owner and publisher James Frost says of the relaunch:

We are proud to relaunch Gay Times. It’s the biggest overhaul to this much-loved brand in its 33-year history. It’s no secret that people don’t buy magazines as much as they used to. With so much free content on the web, a magazine has to offer something different and compelling if it’s to succeed. So that’s what we’ve set out to achieve. We want to do something different, something unique that sets us apart and makes us the must-read title for our modern and diverse LGBTQ community. To do it, we’ve reimagined what Gay Times could be. We’ve worked with the team at Visual Talent (the publishers of Wonderland) to give the magazine a fresh new look and to rebuild it from the ground up. But it’s the content that we hope you’ll love most of all. We want Gay Times to be about change and relevance, about amplifying the voices in our community and showcasing up-and-coming talent. We want to be sexy, intelligent and insightful. To be something that doesn’t currently exist in the market — a journal for modern men.