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Nov 17 2017
Jake Gyllenhaal As Batman? + Rabbis For Moore + Fassbender Vacay + Thigh Master + Jeffrey Tambor Denies Abuse + TV Tip — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Anigif_enhanced-buzz-9563-1419026715-28I like the proposed new costume!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Batboy?

Rabbi Carrying Water for Roy Moore

Fassbender Unveiled


Jeffrey Tambor, Accused, Denies He's a Predator

Love, Lies & Records Comes to Acorn TV

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DListed: Could Jake Gyllenhaal become the new Batman?

Advocate: Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter is encouraging Alabama voters to overlook allegations that Roy Moore serially abused teenage girls because hey, at least he will fight “the LGBT/transgender mafia.”

OMG Blog: Michael Fassbender is RIPPED in his vacation swim trunks.

Kenneth in the (212): He is the pants-down winner of the world's nicest thighs!

THR: Jeffrey Tambor has staunchly denied ever being a predator after his assistant and a co-star — both trans — have filed complaints against him for his behavior on the set of Transparent. Tambor says:

I am deeply sorry if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted by anyone as being sexually aggressive or if I ever offended or hurt anyone. But the fact is, for all my flaws, I am not a predator and the idea that someone might see me in that way is more distressing than I can express.

However, THR reports the show's creator, Jill Soloway, is already looking at how to possibly kill off the show's central figure and move on without her. (Maybe she's privy to the extent of Tambor's assistant's allegations?)

Love  Lies & Records on Acorn TV_(c) Rollem and all3media International(Image via Acorn/BBC)

Acorn TV: Ashley Jensen of Extras fame stars in Love, Lies & Records, a new Acorn TV Original and BBC One drama about a registrat juggling her private life with what sounds like the kind of job from which one would unwittingly extract stress almost by osmosis — recording everyone's births, deaths, weddings, divorces.

The series features a co-worker coming out as trans and several same-sex wedding ceremonies.

The U.S. premiere is Monday, November 20, hot on the heels of its BBC One debut.