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Nov 13 2017
Michael Musto Memorializes Liz Smith, Contradictions And All Comments (0)


Michael Musto turns in a typically honest remembrance of the late Liz Smith, remembering what kids today refer to has her “problematic” side, but also admitting to his affection for her, which seemed to be at its greatest toward the beginning of his career and the end of her life ...

From Musto's W Magazine piece:

... she took politeness to ridiculous levels with her treatment of the celebrity closet. When everyone knew that tycoon Malcolm Forbes was a gigantic homosexual, Liz was trying to make the world believe that Forbes was dating Liz Taylor. Even my mother didn’t buy that! ... At the late OutWeek magazine, Michelangelo Signorile took Liz repeatedly to task for this, and I did the same in my column, while we both urged her to finally come out of the closet herself. She didn’t do so until 2000, and even then, she left out the fact that archaeologist Iris Love was her longtime lover ...

... Liz had complained in print about a gay man’s Tony Awards speech during which he thanked his lover. Can you imagine? A lesbian (or bi) writer didn’t care for someone actually leveling the playing field by acknowledging his boyfriend in a brave and sincere moment? ...

... Despite her retrograde thinking about the LBGTQ community, Liz won a 1993 GLAAD award for best media columnist, and I have to say I was fuming mad about it. Yes, Liz had done good blurbs for amFAR events and other AIDS-related things, but her celebration of the closet was appalling, and for the watchdog organization to honor that was just wrong.

I kept railing against Liz, but she kept being nice, teaching me a lesson by rising above and killing me with kindness.

Musto is a unique writer, and is correct in pointing out, as he does in the same piece, that she Smith was the last reluctant gossip of her stature.

He also alludes to the fact that my friend Denis Ferrara, who wrote for Liz, actually wrote Liz's colum for many years, something that is popping up in other remembrances of the gossip powerhouse. I'm anxiously awaiting Denis's own piece.



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