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Nov 17 2017
Y'All Cain't Haindle The Truth: Christian Lady Gets Huffy With Godless Reporters Over Child Molester Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 12.42.33 PMMoore and his wife are above the truth. (Image via Right Side)

Gary Tuchman of CNN did something the press hasn't been doing much of since Trump's regime rolled around — he refused to give up when a lie was told and/or a question dodged.

Listen to him in action as a holier-than-thou so-called Christian woe-man refuses to let Roy Moore answer directly whether he touched any of his accusers, and whether he wanted to deny routinely dating teenagers while in his thirties ...


Bonus video!

Moore's wife Kayla — whom he apparently met when she was 16 and married in her early twenties — goes full Stepford here, attacking Trump with a dirty bow (I mean, I loved it) that shows she and Moore could be the nastiest husband and wife in Senate history if he wins: