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Nov 14 2017
Moore! Moore! Moore! — Latest Developments In Alabama's Quest To Seat A Child-Molesting Senator Comments (0)

DOoWdezWkAA6c2bThings have gone from bad to worse for Roy Moore, who could still wind up winning election as the next senator from the shithole great state of Alabama.

He could win, but should he?

All the latest ...

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.23.55 PMMoore's wife is circulating fake news to try to discredit hubby's credible accusers (Image via Facebook)

MOORE! Moore's latest accuser, tearful Trump voter Beverly Young Nelson (he likes 'em Young), has said he tried to rape her when she was 16, told her she was just a child who would not be believed if she squealed, then dumped her on the road. Turns out she went to school with Moore's future wife:

MOORE! Some Republicans are determined not to abandon Moore, fearing a shift in power toward the Dems. Witness Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) literally running away from a reporter trying to ask him if he believes Roy Moore or Roy Moore's accusers: 

MOORE! Fake robocall in Alabama is asking residents to provide damaging info on Roy Moore, offering $5,000-$7,000 in order to smear the Washington Post. The fake reporter's name? Bernstein!