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Nov 26 2017
Nyle DiMarco + Ryan Phillippe + Trump's Lie #1,254,212 + Armie Dreamer + Speedo Freak + OK Go — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Light meat, dark meat, just pass the meat-meat.

Keep reading for Ryan Phillippe's Yuletide abs, Trump's latest lie, terror on the dance floor, Armie Hammer time, a Speedo freak and OK Go ...

Ryan_Phillipe_Main_Post_Image-780x527(Image via Miramax)

OMG Blog: Famous dudes get mostly naked in Christmas-themed moments from films. (Work Unfriendly)

DListed: Sooprise, sooprise, sooprise —  Trump bald-face lied about Time's Person of the Year honor. POS of the Year, maybe. 

Joe.My.God.: I always worry about this when I'm on a dance floor or at a G.A. show and you feel the floor sagging — 20+ injured when dance floor at popular Tenerife gay club gives way.

ExtraTV: Armie Hammer is still reacting to that epic scene of him dancing with abandon in Call Me by Your Name — one of the year's very best films. 

Kenneth in the (212): Hairy dude in a tiny Speedo always works on a Sunday.

OK Go: The new OK Go video is a marvel of model technology — well, of modern printers, specifically. For my money, this is cool as shit but they owe a huge debut to the Art of Noise, no? And Peter Gabriel. Both visually and sonically: