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Nov 03 2017
Star Jones's Ex, Al Reynolds, Comes Out As Bisexual Comments (0)

Shot610_400x400(Image via Twitter)

Years after his marriage to Star Jones ended in an acrimonious divorce, Al Reynolds has come out as bisexual to Radar.

He said, “I accept myself as a bisexual man” ...

Part of Reynolds's comments to Radar touched on his reason for staying closeted so long:

I am the youngest of six children in a Southern Baptist family. We grew up in a three-bedroom mobile home in Horsepasture, Virginia. We were deeply religious; when we weren’t in church we were in school or an after-school activity. My life was filled with vacation bible school, missionary meetings, Sunday school, choir practice and youth ministry.

Life was not nuanced or frivolous, nor did it allow any time for introspection. It was clear and proscribed, black and white, angels or sinners. And people who were intimate with others of their own gender were the worst of all with no chance of redemption, or the glorious afterlife that I was taught awaited us all.

As a black man, that message and the hate and homophobia were multiplied to the nth degree. I saw no path out that would resolve my personal feelings with my deeply held and ingrained religious beliefs.

Welcome out to the man his detractors have always called Big Gay Al.