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Nov 01 2017
Riots Over Gay Rights In Georgía + Versace Airdate + NYC Terror Suspect IDed + Hoffman, Ratner Accused Of Sex Abuse + Gilles Marini On Execs Expecting Him To Bend Over — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 12.30.38 PMRiots erupted in Georgía after a soccer player dared to play wearing a rainbow armband in support of LGBTQ rights.

Keep reading for this inspiring story, plus news on the Versace TV series, sex-abuse claims against Dustin Hoffman and Brett Ratner, and more ...

RT: Guram Kashia wore an armband supporting gay people and fans rioted, demanding he be removed from the team.

THR: Ryan Murphy's The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is set to premiere January 17, 2018.

Ew1472_14526126218(Image via EW)

Huff Post: Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, who immigrated legally to the U.S. from Uzbekistan in 2010, has been IDed as the suspect in the terror attack that killed eight people and injured up to a dozen more yesterday. He apparently acted in the name of ISIS, following their generic instructions online. The loss of life is horrible, and if you happen to be in the path of the truck, you're just as dead as if you were on top of the WTC. But it should say something about our (the civilized world's) successes against ISIS and against terrorism that in the years since 9/11, terrorists have gone from the extremely sophisticated commandeering of multiple jets and the destruction of a landmark pair of buildings, killing 2,000+, to inspiring loser loners with online instructions, guys whose weapons of destruction are rental vans and fake guns, and whose intelligence and cunning are such that they think mowing people down on a bike path in the most heavily surveiled place on earth is a better idea than doing something at the Halloween parade happening later the same day. We are winning. 

THR: Dustin Hoffman has been accused of a pattern of really grotesque, sexually harassing behavior on a movie set in 1985, this one backed up with a diary. The woman alleging the behavior — for which Hoffman has now apologized, thus acknowledged with a “might have done” proviso — writes very thoughtfully about it, discussing how she liked it until she didn't and exploring other confusing and confounding aspects of what happened. It's not about taking down Dustin Hoffman, it's a big-picture piece, and well worth a non-gossipy read. 

Los Angeles Times: To absolutely nobody's surprise, notorious pig Brett Ratner has been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior — including forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him — by six women. Natasha Henstridge told the Times: “He strong-armed me in a real way. He physically forced himself on me. At some point, I gave in and he did his thing.” Another of his accusers is Olivia Munn. Ratner denies all wrongdoing and through his lawyer denies ever having paid settlements over sexual abuse claims.

Check out this make-your-skin-crawl portion of the Munn/Ratner story, which she claims started with him ejaculating in front of her in his trailer when she was sent to deliver him food, screamed and left:

She wrote about the incident in her book, Suck It, Wonder Woman! The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek — but stripped out names and details. During a 2011 appearance on Attack of the Show, a television program Munn previously co-hosted, Ratner identified himself as the unnamed director, but denied masturbating in front of her. “I used to date Olivia Munn, I will be honest with everybody here,” he said. “When she was ‘Lisa.’ That was the problem. She wasn’t Asian back then.”

“I banged her a few times ... but I forgot her,” he said.

Days later, he went on the Howard Stern show and admitted he never slept with Munn and expressed contrition for making her look like “a whore.”

“I felt horrible,” he told the Sirius XM Radio host. “I said I banged her three times, which wasn’t true.”

In response to questions from The Times, [Ratner's attorney] said that Munn and Ratner had indeed had “an intimate relationship.” Munn described that as “a complete lie.”

“I shouldn’t have to be completely broken, battered, and devalued in order to prove that he crossed a line,” she said.

“Brett Ratner is here. In his defense, he thought this was a thing where you could eat breakfast off of 100 women.” — Tina Fey at THR's Women in Entertainment breakfast,2016

People: Gilles Marini has also opened up about mistreatment in Hollywood, though he isn't naming names and says he was able to handle it himself. He told People that after appearing in a sexy role in Sex and the City: The Movie:

I became a piece of meat for many executives in Hollywood... I didn’t have to talk about it because I told them to their face that “this is not going to fly, this is not who I am … If this job entails me bending over, it’s not going to work for me.”

008SAC_Gilles_Marini_006Marini in his famous Sex and the City: The Movie scene (HBO Films)