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Nov 28 2017
Simon Marini Bares All + Trump's Trans-Ban Flop & ACCESS HOLLYWOOD Lie + When We Used To Fear Kissing + Star Shots — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

5e95c2d7c70239e8e6105d9adfacdc41Simon Marini (Image via Jockstrap Central)

Naked came the MMA fighter, plus links on Trump's failed trans ban, his Pocahontas slur, his denial of the veracity of the Access Hollywood tape a year later, a touching story about HIV fear and an incredible art show you won't wanna miss.

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OMG Blog: Simon Marini, MMA fighter, bares all for Jockstrap Central. (Work Unfriendly)

Kenneth in the (212): So much for Trump's trans ban — court rules military needs to go ahead with plan to let 'em all in in January.

Savas-1Savas Abadsidis (center) with friends at the time his story took place. (Image via Savas Abadsidis)

Plus: Savas Abadsidis writes about HIV-phobia — then and now — in a short coming-of-age piece a lot of gay men will probably be able to relate to.

Politico: Navajo Nation prez calls Trump's “Pocahontas” remark what it was intended to be — an ethnic slur.

Facebook: If you're a Floridian and anywhere near this spot, don't miss this guy's fantastic shots of A-listers in the '60 and '70s! He's a fan photographer who matured into a legit shooter, and he captured a lot of lightly covered or almost wholly uncovered moments and events:


Seth Meyers: At around 6:14, Seth Meyers explains why he knows Trump's lying when Trump claims the Access Hollywood tape may have been faked: