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Dec 03 2017
Bruce Weber Sued + The Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree + Feinstein Pegs Trump + A Lotta Bull + Hillary's Dilemma + Welcome To Hell — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

A4a154716abea50ef183536c9d1df322Jason Boyce (Image by Rick Day for DNA)

First model to accuse Bruce Weber of sex abuse comes forward — and he wants money. And he filed the suit after losing his agent.

Keep reading for that story, plus the case against Trump, the women of SNL singing about hell and more ...

The-rock-ew-01dec17-585x780(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

LAINEY GOSSIP: It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas — The Rock covers EW.

NY POST: Model Jason Boyce has sued legendary photographer Bruce Weber, claiming Weber sexually intimidated him, made him mime masturbation and put his fingers into Weber's mouth, all the while asking how ambitious Boyce was. Weber has not responsed to the lawsuit.

HUFF POST: Sen. Feinstein (D-California) says that Trump's latest tweets — in while he seemed to confirm he knew Flynn had lied when he fired Comey — have kicked off a Senate investigation into obstruction of justice, something to which legal scholars had already agreed Trump accidentally confessed.

OMG BLOG: A novel use for semen.

PEOPLE: Hillary Clinton revealed more about why she didn't call out Trump for creeping on her during that infamous debate, and it has everything to do with her being a woman, and with anti-feminist views held my much of society. It's very backwards-in-high-heels to think of the perceptions Hillary had to (and has to) worry about before she opens her mouth — no one wants an angry woman in the White House, yet we elected a furious man.

SNL: The women of SNL got together — with host Saorise Ronan — to mock male outrage over all the sex-abuse allegations of late. Sure, it's sad to lose House of Cards, but women fear rape constantly and stuff: