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Dec 28 2017
News Bloopers + Chris Evans Gossip + Brad Goreski Gets Hitched + Hairy Hotness + SUSPIRIA 2.0 + Ricky Martin In A Speedo — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

25508040_756142921242159_5703076634342394220_n(Images via 2018 Firefighter Calendar)

First, your chance to help some animals while drooling over a bunch of firefighter packages.


Keep reading for news bloopers, Chris Evans sex alert, Brad Goreski's wedding, top gay posts of 2017, Suspiria update and Ricky Martin in a Speedo ...

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.12.01 AMWatch him get blown! (Video still via News Bu Funny)

OMG BLOG: These hilarious news bloopers from throughout 2017 hit the spot. I never cease being amused by stuff like this.

DLISTED: The very latest on who is currently lucky enough to have the key to Chris Evans's undergarmens.

TOWLEROAD: Celeb stylist Brad Goreski married his longtime partner Gary Janetti on a cruise 16 years after they met.

9a0fc3b5a7f7a8eec0cc18847c68c1fcThe late, great David Groh, Rhoda's hairy-chested Joe (Image via CBS)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth's top-performing posts of 2017 include two so hot that they were posted in 2016. Topics? Men, guys and the total collapse of Chelsea as a place.

THE PLAYLIST: Luca Guadagnino defends his 2018 remake of the horror classic Suspiria (1977):

How many Hamlets have we experienced in our lifetimes that were fantastic? Human art is not about inventing originality, it’s about finding a new point of view.

1489585938427_0570x0400_1489586099390Guadagnino is currently in post-production on Suspiria (Image via Amazon Studios)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Ricky Martin turned 46 looking like this: