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Dec 17 2017
Still Glad Jones Beat Moore, But .. Comments (0)

. Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.39.55 PM(Video still via CNN)

Senator-elect Doug Jones, who had previously called on Al Franken to resign over sexual-impropriety allegations, says Trump shouldn't resign over sexual-impropriety allegations because people knew about them and elected him anyway ...

Hey, Jones may be the most liberal dude in Alabama, but he's still in Alabama, so he's not going to be perfect. I disagree with him strongly that the credible allegations of sexual harassment against Trump aren't enough reason to call on the man to resign. Also, his phrasing suggests that sexual harassment isn't a real issue.

But again, he is not Roy Moore: 

At least as disturbing is Jones's comment that Dems shouldn't battle with Trump more than we have to. That framing suggests Dems are being needlessly aggressive when the opposite is true.