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Dec 18 2017
MEAT Marketing + Gabbana Is NOT Gay, Guys + Bermuda & Philippines Flipping Out + Rose McGowan Trashes Meryl Streep + DRAG TOTS + The Queen Covers The King — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, a guy who is not available to spot you.

Keep reading for a Meat-y beefcake calendar, Madonna covering Elvis, marriage-equality flip-flops and a wave of new #MeToo finger-pointing ...

5a3695681600000d12cf1ab2Nice to Meat ya! (Image via Meat Calendar 2018)

HUFF POST: This calendar celebrates men with ordinary bodies (I tried out, but they said not THAT ordinary... and you're too old). It's a nice idea, but I'm not sure that the concept of doing a calendar doesn't require an extraordinary hook, you know? And the cover guy is anything but ordinary, and does not have a belly, as he claims. He's not ridiculously ripped and impossibly perfect, but he's pretty damn hot — cheater! Cheater!

THE GUARDIAN: Obscenely wealthy Stefano Gabbana, who can well afford to be called anything he likes, continues his self-loathing (or is it everyone else he hates?) streak, declaring he rejects the word gay as it pertains to himself:

I don’t want to be called “gay’, because I’m simply a man ... full stop. The word “gay” was invented by those who need to label people, and I don’t want to be identified by my sexual choices.

Terribly out of touch geezer: Being gay is not a choice. Being gay, which wonderfully intertwined with sexuality, is not only about sex. And the word “gay” was invented by people branded as freaks who were being driven to suicide and deprived of their inalienable rights who sought a sense of community. Rich people don't need that as much, at least insensitive, selfish ones.

TOWLEROAD: Will the UK reject Bermuda's recent decision to rescind same-sex marriage rights? (Meanwhile, Philippino monster Duterte just randomly flipped and is apparently now pro-equality on marriage. Whaaahappen?)

METOO ROUNDUP: Rose McGowan has now moved on to savaging other female actors, who she thinks are complicit in rape culture because they didn't act on rumors of Harvey Weinstein's predatory behavior — so that means she's trashing Meryl Streep. Minnie Driver excoriates her ex, Matt Damon, for suggesting that there are degrees of severity in abuse that separate child molestation from raping an adult from sexual harassment from groping. Glenn Close chalks up sexual impropriety to male DNA, but not as an excuse — as an explanation; urges men to acknowledge our social contract. Scott Nevins says gay men are underplaying sexual abuse when they scoff at #MeToo stories involving inappropriate touching in bars.

UnnamedShe will drag you! (Image via WOW Presents Plus)

WOW PRESENTS PLUS: The new World of Wonder streaming service is launching Drag Tots, an animate dseries set in a grammar school for, you guessed it, baby drag queens! It's not the '90s anymore, hunties. (Or even 2010!) From a press release:

Baby drag queens attend grammar school in this new animated series for kids and grown-ups of all ages!  Meet Dina Saur, a colorful drag tot whose aesthetic is inspired by dinosaurs;  Roxy Moron, innocent, lovable and totally gullible; Arugala, a Puerto Rican provocateur with a taste for trouble;  and Lady Liber “T,” an African-American queen with a talent for putting haters in their place!  With guidance from school mascot Corny the Unicorn, each episode features a different dragtastic adventure. From a visit to a wig farm to a journey to an alternate drag universe, school has never been so fierce!

Along with Drag Tots, the service offers such shows as Jasmine Masters Master Class, His Vintage Touch - Tony Medina, Seth Bogart: Feeling Fruity and Kaplan Twins' Adventures in Painting.

INSTAGRAM: Madonna has been dropping impromptu covers on Instagram for a while now — is she planning an album along these lines? It would definitely be a brand-stretcher for the forward-looking artist who has rarely done something so conventional. But who knows? Until then, enjoy her duet with the famed Celeste Rodrigues (age 94) on the streets of Portugal on “Fools Rush In”: