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Dec 31 2017
You're Welcome: Sami Hossny, Part 4 Comments (0)

ACM_6689(Images by Adrián C. Martin)

Adrián C. Martin shot Sami Hossny in BWET's 2018 RoofTOP Collection in the Canary Islands. Keep reading for more ...

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Happy New Queer! Comments (0)

Making America Gay Again should be everyone's New Year's resolution. I like that the Pences had to view this. I'm sure the Secret Service agents found it amusing and think he's a nut anyway.

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Dec 30 2017
Around The World Special: The Travelin' Bum Urges Loving The Skin You're In Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.58.25 PMThe Travelin' Bum is an Instagram account that's all about acceptance.

And butts.

You can have both! Keep reading to see how ...

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Dec 29 2017
You're Welcome: Taylor Reign For Garçon Model Comments (0)

Taylor Reign(Image by Skye Tan for Garçon Model)

My friends at Garçon Model are unleashing their GM Gold collection of underwear and harnesses (gee, when I was young, we had to hold each other down barehanded!), and they're using CockyBoys exclusive Taylor Reign to do it.

Keep reading for a most compelling video testimonial ...

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He's Armed: Watch How This Guy Jacks Up Those Grapefruits Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.50.22 AM(Image via Marin Fitness)

Keep reading to learn how to build up your arms.

Or, simply to watch a dude with big arms working on making them bigger ...

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Wrestler Comes Out + Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Advisors + Roseanne Barr Continues To Adore Trump + Massive NYC Blaze + CALL ME BY YOUR NAME GIFs & Frank Ocean's Reaction — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, baby got backward!

Keep reading for a high-profile coming out by a masc wrestler, Trump's Fed Ex firing of all his HIV/AIDS advisors, why you should abandon Roseanne Barr, an NYC inferno, Armie Hammer's bag of nails and Frank Ocean's response to Call Me By Your Name ...

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Dec 28 2017
Gay Cakes + Trump's Crazy Interview + Caroline OMG + HOUSE Hunk + Lewis Hamilton's Pink-Faced Apology + Disastrous Date — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, a summery stud for a cold winter's day.

Below, read about Trump's kooky NYT exclusive, the divine Caroline O, a House hunk, Lewis Hamilton's princess diaries, a very bad date and more ...

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Rose Marie — Whose Career Lasted 10 Decades — Dies @ 94 Comments (0)

Rose_marie_1966_6_-_h_20187(Image via CBS)

Crushed to hear that Rose Marie has died at 94. I just recently saw and reviewed the excellent documentary on her life and career here. (And yes, 10 — she made a sound short in 1929 and was performing, and her final work appears to have been in 2013 as a voice actor for The Garfield Show.)

So glad that was filmed and she saw and enjoyed it and its impact just before passing away.

Full obit here.

Keep reading to check out Baby Rose Marie belting it out ...

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