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Dec 14 2017
Football's Proudest Possession + Alabama Hero + HOUSE HUNTER Hunk + Net Neutrality Nutjob + Crop Tops? Oh, My! + R U Meeting Ru? — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Justin-trudeau-attitude-magazine-594x780The right Attitude! (Image via Attitude)

Above, feast your eyes on Canada's anti-Trump. More on him here.

Below, six links, including an Alabama inspiration, a House Hunters hunk, an FCC twit and many sexy crop tops ...

Tumblr_nn0lq4fFtf1sjczsko6_1280-780x585Julio Nava in one kind of action ... (Image via video still)

OMG BLOG: Mexican footballer Julio Nava gets his kicks flaunting his manhood. (Work Unfriendly? It's Downright Work Hostile)

AL.COM: Read the inspiring story of a former sharecropper who spent hours driving people to the polls in Alabama, people who had no other way to vote without the wheels and/or assistance. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.21.36 AMHouse-huntin' hunk (Video still by Kenneth Walsh via HGTV)

KENNETH IN THE (212): More from Kenneth's ongoing “Hunks of House Hunters” series.

AV CLUB: FCC's Ajit Pai mocks supporters of net neutrality in a horribly condescening new video. This guy is a true villain, and his desire to be a media celeb is embarrassing: 

GEORGE TAKEI PRESENTS: Should we bring back crop tops?

SWEET!: Come meet RuPaul — I did, and it was a delight.

DRAzIcSV4AAoPoT.jpg-largeMeet and greet the great RuPaul! (Image via Sweet!)