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Jan 31 2018
Bruce McArthur, Toronto's Alleged Serial Killer, Had Man Restrained In His Home When Arrested — Is Still On Scruff Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 5.28.41 PMBruce Arthur, the man Toronto police have arrested and charge with five murders (so far) may have had another victim lined up when he was finally apprehended.

According to a new report, police found a restrained man in his home when he was nabbed ...

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 5.29.40 PM(Image via Scruff)

Via CTV News: Police were watching McArthur when a young guy entered his residence on January 18, leading them to make a move out of an abdundance of caution and in the best interest of a potential victim.

The man was tied up in some way, which goes along with the perception that McArthur was into bondage and may not necessarily mean he intended to kill this unnamed man — but imagine how that guy feels right now?

McArthur has been charged in the deaths of Selim Esen, Andrew Kinsman, Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Mahmudi and Dean Lisowick, and there is every indication he will be linked to more — 30 properties are currently being excavated and searched.

In the meantime, the accused serial killer still has a Scruff profile up, one in which he notes that he is a button-pusher who enjoys expanding limits.