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Jan 10 2018
Gregg Sulkin Goes ROGUE + Gay Colombians + India Reviews Gay Sex + Timothée Chalamet & Armie Hammer On Sexual Fluidity + Wait, Gay Sex IS A Sin + Saudi Arabia Arrests Gay-Wedding Participants — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: Your much-needed dose of Daniel Robinson.

Keep reading for Gregg Sulkin, gay Colombians, movement on gay sex in India, Timothée Chalamet & Armie Hammer, an Evangelical confesses gay sex really is a sin after all, and gay arrests in Saudi Arabia ...

Gregg-sulkin-rogue-magazine-02-bf1d2ebe_webOh, man! (Image via Rogue)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Sexy actor Gregg Sulkin gets into some mesh and plays dress-up (and dress-down) for Rogue Magazine. In he piece, he notes he first felt like a man at age 24 (he's now 25):

Personally, I think [it was] when I turned 24. Mentally I felt different. So that was a big transition for me. That year I learned the most about myself. In the past two years I’ve learned so much about myself. I feel like I’m a different human being. There’s a presence there of stability and stillness.

5a550f261c0000220068f78fTwo of 15 queer men from the new ish (Image by Liam Campbell)

HUFF POST: Gay Colombians bare all for Elska Magazine to show that their country is not a drug-cartel punchline:

Previous editions of the magazine, which Campbell launched in 2015, have featured pictorials shot in Lisbon, Portugal; Mumbai, India; and Haifa, Israel. The Bogotá issue is the first to be shot in Latin America. 

“We got recommendations for all sorts of places, but Bogotá surprised us as the one that seemed the most gay-friendly,” Campbell told HuffPost. “We were sold.” 

NYT: India's Supreme Court has ordered a review of that country's ban on gay sex:

Responding to a petition filed by members of the gay, bisexual and transgender community who said they felt persecuted for their sexual orientation, a three-person bench of judges referred Section 377 to a larger bench for reconsideration, noting that Indians who are gay “should never remain in a state of fear,” and that “societal morality also changes from age to age.”

“Law copes with life and accordingly change takes place,” the court said.

OMG BLOG: Timothée Chalamet tells Hilton Dresden about how Call Me by Your Name opened up the question of sexual fluidity for him, dodges the question as to whether he warmed up on a stunt peach before filming The Scene and also fawns over Armie Hammer for a bit (but needs to look up Robert Mitchum):


TELEGRAPH: Tim Farron, former leader of the Liberal Democrats — and an Evangelical Christian — apparently willfully lied last year in interviews when he said he didn't believe gay sex is a sin. Now that he's resigned and the election is long over, he candidly admits:

All they wanted to do was talk about my Christian beliefs and I would say foolishly and wrongly attempted to push it away by giving an answer that frankly was not right.

BBC: Cops in Saudi Arabia arrested several men who were identifiable in a video that popped up last week of a so-called gay wedding. The video contains images of two men, side by side, being sprayed with confetti, with one apparently in a veil. The ceremony was said to have occurred at a popular resort  in Mecca on Friday. The men, whose cases have been referred to prosecutors, have not been named. There are no written laws regarding homosexuality or crossdressing in Saudi Arabia, but Islamic law is referred to by judges in the cases.