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Jan 19 2018
Pelosi's Hard At Werk + Omarosa Sweats + Sweater Boys + Shutdown Blues + RIP To A Great Actor + The Maddow Knows — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: You're gonna love all Tom Hardy's workout vids.

Below: Nancy Pelosi is putting America to werk, Omarosa might get subpoaened, busy sweaters, government shut-down news, RIP Bradford and YOU MUST watch this Rachel Maddow segment ...


WORLD OF WONDER: Nancy Pelosi is a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3!


JOE.MY.GOD.: Omarosa may have taped confidential White House conversations, and is now scared she could become part of Mueller's probe. Hey, look, at least Mueller isn't coming at you with a rolled up Forbes, hunty.

Angus-Chiang-FW18-Backstage_fy3It's like a genderqueer Cosby Show! (Image by Marc Medina)

F*CKING YOUNG!: If you can pull off any of these looks, I salute you! Angus Chiang FW18.

HUFF POST: Americans by 20 points know any government shut-down would be the Republicans' fault, not the Democrats', and yet the White House is now saying Trump has zero reason to help Dreamers. Dreamers also enjoy popular support in this country — reasonable people want them to avoid deportation, Republicans do not.

Compulsion8The late, greate Bradford Dillman (Image via GIPHY)

GR8ERDAYS: RIP to Bradford Dillman, who starred so memorably in Compulsion (1959) and in basically everything else through the mid-'90s. Also, you know him as J.J. in The Way You Were (1973).

MSNBC: Maddow — who just had her best ratings week ever — filed a long report on how Donald Trump is fast becoming ensnared in a huge, well-documented money-laundering scandal. In this case, it may not be the cover-up that trumps the crime(s):