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Jan 22 2018
Megyn Kelly Goes After HANOI JANE Over Minor Criticism About Her Interview Style Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.51.10 AMThe look Kelly gives when she's pulling a Black Santa move (Image via NBC)

NBC, just fire this Fox News harpy and be done with it. You made a huge mistake.

On Monday, the struggling daytime host spent minutes of her show trashing Jane Fonda for having the temerity to be taken aback by a ham-handed interview they had in which Kelly awkwardly brought up Fonda's plastic surgery. Fonda bristled then and has joked — joked! — about it recently, leading Kelly to go full Hanoi Jane ...

Via Deadline: This is an embarrassment. Her staff must want her canned, and she must be thinking the only way to spike her ratings is to return to her Faux News roots, when she was a race-baiting, traitor-calling, fake-newswoman:

P.S. Megyn, nobody will even be asking you questions about yourself when you're 80. You will be long forgotten.