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Jan 24 2018
Sources On Joel Taylor's Gay Cruise: I'M SURE DRUGS ARE RAMPANT Comments (0)
Storm Chasers (2007-2010) star Joel Taylor died on a gay Atlantis cruise to Puerto Rico Tuesday, allegedly after consuming GHB while dancing. Witnesses said he was removed from a dance floor and taken to his cabin, where he was found dead the following morning.
A source on the ship — who wasn't aware of the high-profile death at first, which paints a picture of how massive the ship is — tells me:
Although we haven't seen any drugs being used, the parties are filled with club kids and I'm sure drugs are rampant.
Source also notes:
The first day we got here, even before we left the port, a couple of guys were in the hallway while police searched their room. I have a feeling drugs are a big presence here.
The same source did ride an elevator with a man who was crying, surrounded by bags, as he left the ship early.
Such a tragic loss of life. I'm sure he never dreamed he was pushing his body that far, if drugs do wind up being to blame.
Video from a dance on board the same cruise over the weekend:
Another dance from the same cruise: