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Jan 18 2018
That BABE Hit Piece On Aziz Ansari Definitely Pleased Rupert Murdoch Comments (0)

Aziz(Video still via NBC)

In 2015, Aziz Ansari, noted for consistently playing and writing about people of color and others uncommonly represented in the media, hilariously trashed Rupert Murdoch in a series of tweets, over his Islamophobic remarks on Muslims and terrorism:

Three years later, babe, a website geared toward young, self-styled woke people with an offbeat sense of humor (Ansari's bread and butter) published a piece that is arguably journalistically flawed, even unethical and possibly detrimental to the #MeToo cause, in which an anonymous 23-year-old woman (her age has been played up a lot, as if the 11 years between herself and Ansari makes him pervy-ish) claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Ansari while on a hook-up.

The story's writer revealed herself to be a childish ass-clown yesterday.

From CNNMoney:

Babe and a sister site, The Tab, have office space in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. The parent company dates back to 2009, when three Cambridge University students launched a site for their peers. Babe is a two-year-old spinoff of The Tab ... Rupert Murdoch's News Corp was the lead investor when The Tab received $6 million in funding last year.

Do I think Rupert Murdoch is on the phone with babe's editors instructing them who to go after? No; I should hope not. But isn't it ironic that these women at babe — who brag about being a median age of 24, as if inexperience makes them more real — are out saving the world from itself, all on Rupert Murdoch's dime?

Also funny from CNNMoney's piece:

Joshi Herrmann, editor-in-chief of Babe's parent company Tab Media, says the editors have zero regrets. “We would publish this again tomorrow,” he told CNNMoney on Monday.

“It's newsworthy because of who he is and what he has said in his standup, what he has written in his book, what he has proclaimed on late night TV. Her account is pointing out a striking tension between those things and the way she says he treated her in private.”

First, actual sexual assault would be internationally newsworthy because he is famous, period. It's telling, though, that Joshi underscores that the story's appeal is heightened because Ansari has expressed solidarity with #MeToo/#TIMESUP, and because his work puts him forth as a kind person who is against sexual assault. The difference between what he's doing publicly makes allegedly wrongdoing in that arena all the juicier.

Same with you, babe — spouting feminism and a ridiculous standard for what constitutes sexual assault, all the while privately sucking at the Murdoch teat. Ask him his feelings about sexual harassment and assault and the like — oh, wait, we already know them.

By the way — if more stories emerge about Aziz Ansari, and if they rise to a higher level of seriousness and seem to have been more expertly vetted, none of that will invalidate how hypocritical babe is, and how shoddy that initial piece was.