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Jan 21 2018
Is BBC Demeaning? + West Point Same-Sex Nuptials + Pence's Lies + Trump's Porn Star Shakes It + Franco Called Out + VPL LOL + Troye Sivan On SNL + More! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Reminder that gay men can be feminists, too.

Below: Keep reading for the BBC debate, a West Point gay wedding, Pence's anti-gay lies, Franco called out, Stormy Daniels gets her tits out, some VPL, a gay actor in a Biblical show, Louisiana gay history, more on Blaze Bernstein's accused killer, Troye Sivan rocking out and happy 20th to Tipping the Velvet ...

DTdPnhaVMAABv2H.jpg-largeMax is a human being, not a fetish. (Image via Max Konnor)

INSTINCT: Controversy erupted among gay-porn actors over the use of the term BBC.

Franchino-4-Facebook_640x345_acf_cropped-1Drop and give me a ring, soldier! (Images via Facebook)

PINK NEWS: Two helicopter pilots just got married at West Point, like actually at the facility, in what is thought to be a first for the institution. Congrats are in order for Daniel Hall, 30, and Vincent Franchino, 26. The ceremony took place before 150 of their nearest and queerest.

Pblame-660x330Pence is as bad as Trump, just less sloppy. (Video still via CNN)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Oh, my God — listen to Pence lie, shamelessly telling our troops in Syria that their paychecks are being withheld by Democrats.

USA TODAY: Meanwhile, Pence is also attempting to gaslight all of us by claiming he never supported conversion therapy, which he did. In 2000, his campaign website explicity stated:

Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.

So fuck off, Pence, we've got your number.

Giphy-2Does Franco deserve to be lumped in with other irredeemables? We'll see. (Image via GIPHY)

PEOPLE: At the Women's March, Scarlett Johansson publicly called out James Franco (not by name, though her rep later confirmed she was speaking of him) for wearing a TIME'S UP pin while “privately preying on people who have no power.” She also asked for “my pin back, by the way.” (Franco is attending tonight's SAG Awards

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 2.20.36 PMA Melania away from Melania (Image via Greenville Trophy Club)

NYT: Trump's, er, alleged mistress Stormy Daniels — a Republican porn star — took her act to a South Carolina club last night described as “Cheers with breasts,” stripping for dollars amid a presidential sex scandal. Or what passes for a scandal. This account is pretty funny. She apparently didn't get paid much for the appearance (is she dumb after all???), admitting she was nervous:

Imagine coming back when you’re the most insecure. It’s the only time I’ve ever gone onstage and was actually scared.

If I were her, I'd be more scared some Putin-style loose-end tying awaits her.

Ss1Kenneth shows more [Image via Kenneth in the (212)]

KENNETH IN THE (212): I remember getting yelled at over VPL, lol. Ah, the good old days. Here's a guy in a green swimsuit who could get a testicular exam without removing the suit.

James_Tarrant_insert_courtesy_Tarrant“No one’s ever spoken about (homosexuality) in the Bible.” — James Tarrant (Image via head shot)

WASHINGTON BLADE: Actor James Tarrant talks about being gay and yet starring in a production for the Museum of the Bible.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 4.01.41 PM(L-R) Former New Orleans Councilman Johnnie Jackson, Butler, bar owner Charlene Schneider & Rich Magill (Image via Butler & Larc)

NEW ORLEANS ADVOCATE: The progress of LGBTQ rights in Louisiana has been better preserved for future study with the acquisition of the papers of four prominent activists by the Louisiana Research Collection at Tulane University. The papers of Rich Magill, Alan Robinson, Skip Ward and Stewart Butler will join an archive of ephemera that includes the papers of Jefferson Davis and Huey P. Long (which probably don't have as much gay stuff in 'em as the other guys' papers do). Butler, now 87, is considered the most important gay activist in Louisiana state history. He chalks up a lot of his ability to work on gay rights to his wealthy partner, the late Alfred Doolittle:

“(Alfred) picked me up, even though I was six years older, and God knows I wasn’t as good looking as he was,” Butler said. “I thought of him as being my Prince Valiant from out of the rain.”

Heir to a gold fortune, Doolittle asked Butler to retire in 1980. It marked the beginning of Butler’s career as a full-time activist.

“Nobody wants to sit around doing nothing, and I was always very much a political animal,” Butler said. “I was gay and somewhat militant about it, so at the age of 50, I got into it to the fullest extent of the law, so to speak.”

Over the years, Butler amassed 25 boxes of documents, including letters, meeting minutes, election questionnaires and more.

“I didn’t throw things away,” Butler said. “I just kept them, because I thought maybe they could be useful in the future.”

Would be amazing to spend time flipping through the contents of some of those boxes!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 4.08.05 PMBlaze Bernstein is thought to have been brutally stabbed to death for a kiss. (Image via Facebook)

DAILY MAIL: I hate the Daily Mail, but when they're right, they're right — looks like Samuel Woodward, accused killer of gay student Blaze Bernstein, was an active Nazi and white supremacist. One of Woodward's online posts read:

I would vigorously bone the living hell out of my English teacher, like holy f- -k. I don't care if it's miscegenation [interbreeding], That babe would be pregnant as f- -k year after year, around the clock, acting as a hub of genetic imperialism and giving life to half arab Saboteur-offspring to further my conquest and aims.

Unreal to me that people like this are still being produced in the world in 2018. His family has to bear some responsibility. There's no way he randomly became this without their knowledge, and there's no way they didn't share some of his beliefs — I would need to hear a lot from them to be convinced otherwise.

YOUTUBE: Troye Sivan delivered two alternately slinky and catwalk-pounding performances on SNL last night — I love both songs so much. He's really something: 

THE GUARDIAN: Sarah Waters recalls 20 years of her novel Tipping the Velvet, which became a best seller and was adapted into a popular 2002 BBC series.

169367Tipping the Velvet (Image via BBC)