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Jan 18 2018
Lesbian Couple Murdered + HE TOUCHED ME + Dylan Farrow's First TV Interview + Trump's Trans Slam & Government Shut-Down + E.J. Johnson, Get New Friends — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: Getting back into the swing of things.

Below: Keep reading for news of the murder of a lesbian couple, Trump's latest trans slam, E.J. Johnson's sell-out, Dylan Farrow's ongoing campaign against her father and more ...

Wynand-2-1516219845-1516219847Victims Joey & Anisha van Niekerk (Image via Facebook)

NEWNOWNEXT: A lesbian couple living in South Africa were raped, murdered and their bodies burned. Eight suspects have been charged.

POLITICO: Trump is set to announce rules that would allow religious medical workers to deny treatment to transgender people based on moral objections. That is fucking insane and you are a monster if you support that. Remember the gay people supporting Trump (even some trans people, cough, Caitlyn Jenner)? Saying he wasn't really anti-LGBT? He is. And more importantly, his Administration is stacked with people who truly, ideologically are anti-LGBT. The mid-terms can't come soon enough; literally, I fear.

He-touched-me-14Good beat and you can dance to it.

VINTAG.ES: A collection of over 20 album covers with a very unfortunate theme.

DLISTED: Dylan Farrow is trying, harder than ever, to bring down her father, Woody Allen, over what she believes DylanFarrow was his sexual abuse of her at age 7. It's a terribly messy case, to be sure, but I recoil from the idea that this is cut-and-dried, and that he must've done it because he later married a woman 35 years younger than himself. It doesn't help when the people who very reasonably think Woody is creepy and may be guilty make up facts, like insisting he committed incest/married his stepdaughter. He did a really gross and heartless thing in running off with his girlfriend's daughter; no need to try to make it sound worse, already bad. What do you think?

THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: Trump promises government shut-down Friday over the impossible-to-fund, impossible-to-build border wall. He probably wants to shut it all down to lay the groundwork for a coup anyway, as Mueller is going to roast him alive.

OMG BLOG: ... and in great timing related to an item above, check out Trump's daughter Tiffany gaily posing with Magic Johnson's gender-fluid son, E.J. Why do people like E.J. thoughtlessly cavort with the children of dictators who would love to exterminate their rights? Answer: Because a rich, black, gay person is really just a rich person.