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Jan 04 2018
STAR TREK Couple Boldly Graces ATTITUDE, Talks Lip-Smack Comments (0)

DSr4TjwX0AAE1-N.jpg-largeJust two of the gays (Images by  Leigh Kelly for Attitude)

Sudden mainstream fame — after many years of solid achievements and critical acclaim — could not have happened to two nicer guys.

Keep reading for choice quotes from Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp's Attitude cover story ...


Via Attitude: Speaking about their groundbreaking roles on Star Trek Discoveryon which they recently shared a passionate kiss — Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz said their liplock was trnasformative.

Rapp said:

When it happened it was a good time, it was earned and had a meaningful impact, and it was satisfying. If it had happened earlier, it probably wouldn't have had the same meaning. I appreciated the relationship was revealed in subtle ways, it was part of the fabric of the ship. The trek community has a vibrant LGBT+ segment to it, and people were really gratified that it was presented in a direct, uncomplicated and human way.

Cruz, no stranger to so-called gay representations on TV himself, said:

I wanted to see a character on TV who reflected my life back to me. Growing up, I wanted to see two men love each other and share a life, and have the same ups and downs that their heterosexual counterparts had. The fact that I got to be that change in the world was and is the greatest thrill to me.

You can read the the full Q&A with Rapp and Cruz in the Travel Issue of Attitude — on sale now. Buy in print, subscribe or download