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Feb 25 2018
The Gay Kid From SCHOOL OF ROCK Had Issues Being Called The Gay Kid From SCHOOL OF ROCK Comments (0)

UnnamedBrian Falduto (Image via head shot)

Brian Falduto, so memorable as Billy aka Fance Pants in the film School of Rock (2003), is now speaking about how playing (seemingly) gay a such a young age informed his own coming out ...


Falduto — now a singer/songwriter whose debut EP Love One Another dropped in June 2017 — says it was intimidating to be IDed as the gay kid from School of Rock:

I was very quickly labeled the gay kid from School of Rock once the movie came out, both among peers and strangers. I was in fifth grade and the world was informing me of who I was or how they saw me. My identity wasn’t mine to claim.

I've always wondered about this problem when it comes to kids who play gay or gay-adjacent, a growing category as we segue from young gay characters being taboo to young gay characters being presented with a wink.

Check out a sample of Falduto's country-leaning work here: