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Feb 20 2018
Calum Scott Covers GAY TIMES, Talks Gay Icons, Loses Shirt Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.52.54 PM(Images by William Baker/Gay Times)

Along with Rain Dove and Jacob Bixenman (Troye Sivan's boyfriend), Calum Scott gets a March 2018 Gay Times cover. 

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The gay singer, speaking about being a role model for the community, says:

My gay role models were people like Elton John, George Michael and Boy George, which I couldn't relate to, so it made me feel even more alien. Whereas now there are so many people who are open and proud of who they are, that are more relatable.

He's also big on exposing kids to gay people early on, and has good reasons why:

If kids are taught that — y'know, when you look in a textbook it's always mummy and daddy and their children — if that was daddy and daddy or mummy and mummy, at a young age it would allow the child to have an understanding that there are same-sex couples who love each other just as much as a man and woman can. I think if it starts early at school it would have a knock-on effect and kids would be more aware, so that misconception and misunderstanding of the LGBTQ community would hopefully be eradicated. If it can start at that young age, it's just better for everybody.

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