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Feb 02 2018
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER's Andrew Brady On Courtney Act, And Ageism-Free Homophobia Comments (0)

3987(Images by Jack Alexander/Gay Times)

Gay Times is hot off the — Internet? — with an exclusive Andrew Brady interview. Tonight is the final live eviction on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother, and Andrew's got stuff to say (and clothes to take off).

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Best of all, he chats about his friendship with fellow contestant Courtney Act ...


Via Gay Times:

GT: Your onscreen friendship with Courtney Act became the talk of the series. Copy of 4149Why do you think the most conservative members of the household had such an issue with it?
Andrew Brady: I think if it had been in any other series, it wouldn't been the talk of the show necessarily. Because it was such an eclectic array for people in there from all beliefs, backgrounds and countries — and not to mention the fact that everyone was fucking boring in there and we were the only ones making fun for ourselves — it was not well received by the more conservative housemates because we didn't care. We didn't care that the cameras were there. We didn't care that people were being negative towards us. After hours, we were hysterical. We were always laughing. Play fighting, waxing, bathing and shaving. Sometimes we let that slip through to the day. Some of them were just hypocrites. 
The reason the scissoring thing came up was because Jess went, “Grab my hand and leg and spin me around.” So I did and I put her down nicely. It looked dubious at the time because it looked like I dropped her. Then Shane put his arm and leg up and I was just about to do it and Big Brother came over the tannoy saying, “Could Andrew please not do that,” because they didn't have a word for it. So we were on our backs laughing so hard on the floor, and we fell into this scissor-type position. So then we were like, “Right, let's just do it.” Then Ann saw us and she used it as an excuse to nominate us because she thought it was disgusting. Now that is almost an insight into her prejudices against homosexuality. She's very intelligent and very smart, so she doesn't delve into the depth where people can get properly offended. She didn't go “That's queer. That's gay,” whatever you want to say as an offensive word. So people can't get offended. You kind of have to be impartial until the day she says that — and then you can tear her [homophobia] to shreds.
GT: Were you aware of Courtney Act before you went into the house?
AB: No, I was aware of RuPaul's Drag Race. I tell a lie, two days before I went in there was a rumour that Courtney was going in, so I was sent a picture. Then when I walked in I was like, “Wow! Best looking girl in there. When he puts the ass on...”
GT: Are you going to watch the season of Drag Race that Courtney was in?
AB: Hell yeah! That's one of the next things. I'm going to watch Celebrity Big Brother and then Drag Race Season Six.
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Also liking his comments on homophobia:
... if you look at Donald Trump, he’s 71 years old and we’re not using his age as an excuse as to why he’s getting away with all this stuff. Why are we doing it with everyone else? That’s a really strong message that I’m trying to get out. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re racist you’re a racist. If you’re homophobic, you’re homophobic. I don’t think age can be used as an excuse.
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