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Feb 27 2018
Congresswoman Stacey Dash + Pratt's Prayers + Apple's Gay Ads + Gay Parenting Win + The Golden Metcalf + QUEER EYE Makeover! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.18.35 PM(Image via Instagram)

Above: Daniel J. Duggan is always good for some ogling.

Below: Keep reading for Congresswoman Stacey Dash, Chris Pratt livin' on a prayer, Apple's gayest ads ever, a big win for gay parenting, the Roseanne spring of Laurie Metcalf and a fresh Queer Eye makeover ...

CNN: Stacey Dash running for Congress is proof that some talentless people turn to politics when there is nothing left to do.

DLISTED: Chris Pratt is a big ol' Christian. Hating him for sending prayers to Kevin Smith over his near-deadly heart attack is fucking stupid.

APPLE: Apple's First Dance ads — all shot on the iPhone X — showcase first dances at the weddings of some of the first gay couples to wed in Australia. Here's one: 

ADVOCATE: SCOTUS declined to review an Arizona case that recognized a lesbian as the legal mother of a child she and her wife conceived via assisted reproduction.

THE VIEW: Laurie Metcalf talks about her work on Lady Bird and in the upcoming Broadway revival of Three Tall Women, plus touches on her return to Roseanne for the reboot: 

NETFLIX: Watch a bonus straight-guy makeover from the Queer Eye guys: