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Feb 05 2018
Kathy Griffin Speaks Out At Length On The DOUBLE STANDARD That Has (Temporarily?) Marred Her Career Comments (0)

DU4OQA5V4AYA6Pr.jpg-large(Image via THR)

The THR piece on Kathy Griffin's flame-out and hoped-for comeback is well worth a read ...


... in late October, while on tour in Europe, Griffin heard that Andy Cohen had been picked as her replacement for CNN's New Year's Eve special, and something in her snapped. Cohen had been Griffin's boss through six seasons of her two-time Emmy-winning reality show on Bravo, My Life on the D-List, but when TMZ caught up with him at LAX on Oct. 27 to ask whether he'd sought Griffin's blessing before taking her old gig, Cohen responded, “Who?” Griffin didn't think it was funny and posted a 17-minute diatribe Oct. 28 on her YouTube channel in which she went off not only on Cohen (claiming he offered her cocaine backstage at his Bravo talk show) but also on TMZ chief Harvey Levin (revealing his private cellphone number on the video) and CNN boss Jeff Zucker (claiming he once fired her from New Year's Eve Live for asking for a pay raise and then hired her back with a 20 percent pay cut), among others. (Cohen, Levin and Zucker all declined to comment for this story, as did Cooper.)

Griffin regrets nothing — not even the cocaine story, which Cohen has dismissed on Twitter as “100% false and totally made up.” She says she shared it “to illustrate a double standard. If it was me [offering drugs backstage], somebody at Bravo would have said, 'You have to go.' When you're a woman, you get one fuckup, and it's over. When you're a guy, you get chance after chance after chance.”

New Year's Eve always was going to be a challenging night for Griffin. Her firing from the broadcast had, after all, been the unkindest cut of all. Her friendship with Cooper stretches back to 2001, when Cooper, then hosting ABC's reality competition The Mole, appeared as a guest on Griffin's short-lived MTV show Kathy's So-Called Reality. They instantly hit it off. “My joke was, 'I've known him since he was banging chicks,'” says Griffin. “We were close. I loved him. I really loved him.”

There's much more, but that's the gayest part.

The best news is that even if she never works again, she's worth $32 million.

P.S. This is less about KG and more about Vanessa Redgrave, but I just saw it over the weekend and it's so amazing: